Saturday, December 20, 2008

Site Design, Profile Design: Important for the Reader and Possible Customer

To capture the essence of your Customer, you need to understand their Main Site, and how THEY do Business. And you need to do that quickly. If you have a Wetpaint Site, where you control how a Client's Profile, And Affiliate Adds will Look... then you need to understand the artistry and practical levels to maintain... a high standard of quality in order to retain Clients and Professionals such as Jens Mugge (shown above).

This is one of my Corporate/Affiliates, Jens Mugge. He is the owner and Site Creator for Overtones Music Network at MySpace and Ning. He is one of the top Musicians at My Space, and he loves both an artistic quality and pertinent messages to accentuate his style of communication. So the applications became easy for me (and my Viral Team), to develop an entire on-line look for his Viral needs. A combination design by myself for his Profile (where he and I worked together, he too, is a Designer), while I worked his Affiliate Ad Space and it came together. Now, Jens has expierence on-line however, most Affiliates that one acquires on-line, do NOT understand the Internet, let alone a Profile, Add Relief, or IFrame promotion. That's true for many Sites, and it is a good reason, why most On-Line Businesses fail. We forget the good old days, where it counts to build "relationships first," before tackling the professional stuff first. Building a kind and caring relationship, allows one to express their highest and best, pumps your knowledge, and this translates into a successful, profitable, balance.

You also must really know your Readers, and appreciate what their taste are as well. That can only help your Memberships and your bottom-line. It will also increase your own Viral Hits and Theirs (Readers Love a LINK LINE)! Which by the way, the best way to handle that is to deal with Professionals like X~Ray Your Soul~1 at Wetpaint (if your new to all of this) and Viral Networks (if you already have a Site, but need more Viral exposure) who deal with the numbers, trends, and Network potentials everyday.

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